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Mayor issues apology for comments


ROSEBURG, OR – Two city council meetings ago, just prior to the start of our meeting when city council members were signing on for the Zoom meeting, there were comments made that were intended to be a joke, but unfortunately backfired, to the point that it was offensive and hurtful to some of our residents.

On behalf of this city council, and as your Mayor, I am deeply sorry for what has happened, for the pain that it has caused, and apologize to our community.

I know this city council really well, and firmly believe that each and every one of them is deeply committed to serving all citizens in this community in a fair and respectful manner, regardless of who those residents are, or what their beliefs are.

The question is where do we go from here. For those that know me well, they know I do not support what I call the media mindset which is to flog, crucify, and destroy those involved. You see that mindset play out all the time through television and newsprint. I believe the best way to deal with something is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and then ask yourself, is this how I would want to be treated. When you do, it is amazing how easy it is to determine if something is fair and just.

It was my intent to have the city council go into executive session tonight to discuss what happened, to learn from it so it doesn’t happen again, and proceed from there. Bob Cotterell has requested the discussion occur in open session, therefore it will be scheduled as an agenda item at the next City Council meeting. I am very proud of this city council. This group knows how to work well together as a team, how to discuss an issue and come to a decision. I trust their judgment.

Again, as your Mayor, and on behalf of the city council, I apologize for the pain this has caused. I ask for your forgiveness and trust that you can accept my apology. Let’s all work together, respectfully, to move forward in assuring everyone that this community is a welcoming place for all.

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