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Stewart Park Pavilion Upgrades Coming this Fall

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Stewart Park Pavilion Upgrades Coming this Fall

Roseburg OR – Starting in the fall, the beloved Stewart Park Pavilion will receive several structural repairs. Beginning November 2020, City contractors will start construction on several improvements that will enhance the structural integrity of the facility. The project is anticipated to begin on November 2, 2020, at which time the pavilion will be closed to the public.

Built in 1970, the Stewart Park Pavilion has served the community well for the past fifty years. However, the facility is showing its age and, in early 2019, City Parks and Recreation staff began researching funding options to make needed improvements to the pavilion. Last summer, City staff applied for an Oregon Parks and Recreation grant to help subsidize the cost of the upgrades.

In the Fall of 2019, the City was awarded the grant and staff began planning and design work for the project. In August of this year, the project went out to bid. At the September 14, 2020, City Council meeting, a bid was awarded to a contractor to begin work on the project.

Improvements to the pavilion include the construction of a brand new metal roof, along with the installation of skylights, new trusses, roof purlins, and sheeting. Additionally, the two existing stone fireplaces will be removed.

Parks and Recreation Manager Kris Ammerman elaborates on the improvements. “The new metal roof will, in fact, be much lighter than the previous one,” says Ammerman. “Part of the reason for the structural deterioration of the pavilion was the fact that the old tile roof was so heavy. The new roof will be much more economical and last longer than the previous one.”

A welcome improvement to the pavilion will be new lighting features, in the form of skylights, which will brighten the interior of the facility. “In the past, folks didn’t use the pavilion as much during the winter because it was so dark in there,” implies Ammerman. “Now, with the addition of skylights and new interior LED lighting, people can use the pavilion all year-round.”

The City will post regular project updates on its social media channels, Facebook and Nextdoor. To learn more about the Stewart Park Pavilion upgrades, please contact the City Parks and Recreation Division at 541-492-6730 or at

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