Development Information

Building Permits
Since July 1, 2007 Douglas County Building Department has conducted the building permit plan review and inspection process for properties within the City of Roseburg. The development review process consists of two steps. First applicants apply to City of Roseburg for site plan review approval. Upon approval by the City, applicants provide structural plans and copies of the city approval to Douglas County Building Department. Douglas County Building Department also issues all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits within the City limits.

If you have any questions about our process, City of Roseburg staff members are available 8:00-noon and 1-5 p.m. 541-492-6750 or email Chrissy Matthews at For answers to building code questions or to schedule an inspection with Douglas County Building Department, please call (541) 440-4559 or visit their website at Douglas County Building Department.

Fence Standards
The City's fencing standards are contained within Section 12.08.040(G) of the Roseburg Municipal Code. The two documents below diagram how the fencing standards are implemented on a typical residential lot. Please use these diagrams to assist in planning your fencing improvements. If you have questions regarding the fencing standards, please feel free to call our office for more information. 

Fencing - Corner Lot
Fencing - Interior Lot