What is the UGB Swap?

The City of Roseburg is proposing to swap residential land with significant development constraints inside the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) with land immediately outside the UGB that is much easier to develop. Simply put, the City is proposing to swap undeveloped residential land with severe slopes for flat residential land. This process of a UGB swap is officially referred to in statute as a UGB exchange. The UGB will move in such a manner as to create no net increase in the number of possible dwelling units currently allowed in the UGB as compared to the new boundaries proposed by the swap. The purpose of the swap is to help facilitate residential growth by providing more easily developable land.

The project proposes removal of approximately 290 acres of land (see map; shown in green) from the UGB. This land is impractical to develop at urban densities. Removal of this property will allow for limited development opportunities under rural land use laws within the jurisdiction of Douglas County. In turn, the project proposes incorporation of approximately 220 acres of land (see map; shown in orange) into the UGB. This land has been identified as a more suitable location for urban development within the City. The proposed UGB swap will only move the UGB line. Further annexation of property into the city limits will need to occur and should be anticipated as private development and public utility upgrades within the area are proposed.

Swapping lands with development constraints for land that can accommodate more efficient and logical urban development is an important tool the City can use to address our current housing situation. Recent housing documents used to guide the way in which the City may better facilitate housing growth identify the UGB swap as a primary way the City may create housing development opportunities.

What's a UGB anyway?

Every City in Oregon has a UGB. These are boundaries drawn on planning maps to help designate where a city expects to grow.

Under Oregon law, all cities must create and maintain a UGB identifying where city growth may occur within the next 20 years. In order for a city to annex new area into the city limits, that area must first be included within the UGB. A UGB is primarily intended to provide land for identified urban development needs and separate urban and urbanizable land from rural land. Local governments, including cities and counties, rely on UGBs to guide land use and zoning decisions and to plan for the orderly provision of public facilities and services as development occurs. Properties inside the UGB are able to be served by urban services, while those outside the UGB have limited access.

How is the UGB Swap Approved?

Moving the UGB line requires a legislative amendment to be approved by both the Roseburg City Council and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners. An application addressing specific state and local laws was prepared in order to meet the criteria necessary to approve the UGB swap. We encourage every member of the greater Roseburg community to familiarize themselves with the UGB Swap Application which can be found here. In order to obtain approval, a series of public hearings will be required before the Roseburg and Douglas County Planning Commissions, Roseburg City Council, and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners. You are invited to attend and participate in these hearings, if you so choose. The first public hearing is tentatively scheduled for 6:00pm Monday, May 6, 2024 at the City Council Chambers, City Hall before both the Roseburg Planning Commission and the Douglas County Planning Commission. Opportunity for written or oral public testimony will be provided as part of the public hearing.

How can I stay involved? 

We encourage all members of our community to ask any questions about the UGB swap and to participate in the public process. Prior to the first public hearing, the City of Roseburg will be holding a public open house to provide more detailed information at 7:00pm on Tuesday, April 16, 2024 in the Ford Room of the Roseburg Public Library. Throughout the process we encourage you to visit this webpage in order to keep updated on issues surrounding the UGB swap. The webpage will also provide information about additional public hearings as they are scheduled. Feel free to contact the City of Roseburg, Community Development Department at 541-492-6750 or e-mail at cdd@cityofroseburg.org for questions or additional information.

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Project Documents

May 20, 2024 City of Roseburg Planning Commission Meeting Agenda & Packet

May 6, 2024 City of Roseburg Joint City/County Planning Commission Meeting Agenda & Packet

May 6, 2024 Douglas County Joint City/County Planning Commission Meeting Agenda & Packet

April 15, 2024 Urban Growth Boundary Swap Application | Appendices

Flyer and April 16, 2024 Open House Invitation

March 2024 Notice Area 1 Abutting Atkinson

March 2024 Notice Area 2 Abutting Serafin

March 2024 Notice Area 3 Charter Oaks Inside UGB

March 2024 Notice Area 4 Charter Oaks New UGB

March 2024 Notice Area 5 Charter Oaks No Change

February 9, 2024 Urban Growth Boundary Swap Application | Appendices

Project Overview Map

2024 Public Meetings

2024 UGB Swap Open House (COMPLETED) Ford Room (Roseburg Public Library) - 04/16/24 - 7:00 PM
City of Roseburg Planning Commission and Douglas County Planning Commission public hearing (COMPLETED) City Council Chambers (Roseburg City Hall) - 05/06/24 - 6:00 PM
City of Roseburg Planning Commission Deliberation and Vote (PUBLIC TESTIMONY CLOSED) City Council Chambers (Roseburg City Hall) - 05/20/24 - 7:00 PM
City of Roseburg City Council public hearing (TENTATIVE) City Council Chambers (Roseburg City Hall) - 06/24/24 - 7:00 PM
Douglas County Commissioners public hearing  TBD

Previous Public Meetings

2018 UGB Swap Open House Hucrest Elementary - 11/13/2018
2019 UGB Swap Open House Roseburg Public Library - 04/23/2019
2024 UGB Swap Open House
Roseburg Public Library - 04/16/2024
2024 Joint City/County Planning Commission Hearing
City Council Chambers - 05/06/24