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Fire Department Profile

The City of Roseburg Fire Department provides emergency services including fire suppression, emergency medical, hazardous materials response and mitigation, as well as fire prevention and code enforcement to the citizens of Roseburg.


City of Roseburg Facts


Population 24,820
Square Miles in Service Area     11
Department Budget - (2020 - 2021)  $7,583,193


Personnel Profile


Administration 5
Prevention 1
Suppression 36
Total Personnel 42

Summary - There are 3 shifts and each shift works 24 hours.  Each shift has 11 Suppression Personnel and 1 Battalion Chief who is the shift supervisor.


Apparatus Profile


Front Line Engines 3
Reserve Engine 2
Ladder Truck 2
Brush Engine 2
Technical Rescue Vehicle 2
Haz-Mat Vehicle 2
Command Vehicles 3


Call Volume - 2019


Fire Calls 108
Ems Calls 3,876
Other Calls 2,031
Total Calls 6,015



Homeowner's and Fire Insurance Rating Information


The Insurance Services Office collects information on municipal fire protection efforts in communities throughout the United States and analyzes the information gathered using the Fire Suppression Rating Scale (FSRS). ISO then assigns a Public Protection Classification from 1-10. ISO evaluations typically occur every 4 to 6 years.   The City of Roseburg Fire Department was evaluated in 2016 and received a public protection classification of 2.  Prior to 2016, the department had been rated a classification of 3 for several years.  The City of Roseburg Fire Department is proud to have an improved classification for the Citizens of Roseburg.  This improved rating will potentially lower insurance costs for homeowners within the City limits of Roseburg.