Burn Permits

The following information will help you to obtain a burn permit. Please read all of the FAQ's below to obtain a good understanding of the City burn permit process.

What do I need to know about burning?
Any type of outdoor burning within the City of Roseburg other than cooking or recreational fires on private property requires a burn permit. No burn barrels are allowed within the city limits, and yard debris burn piles are only allowed during the burn seasons. Only yard debris such as clippings and trimmings are allowed to be burned during permitted seasons. No tires, gas, metal, construction debris, or other items are allowed to be burned at any time.

A shovel and garden hose are required on site while burning. Open burning shall not be conducted within 50 feet of any structure of other combustible material, and an adult must be present while burning is taking place.

When do I need a burn permit?
Burn permits are issued twice a year; for the entire month of October and from April 15 through May 15. Per the City of Roseburg Municipal Code, section 7.04.110, "The Fire Chief may modify the burn period when the Fire Chief determines that health, safety, fire risk, or climatic factors justify modifying the burn period established in this section."

How do I obtain a burn permit?
Contact the Roseburg Fire Department directly, either by phone or email, to schedule an appointment for inspection of your burn site and issuance of a burn permit at:

Roseburg Fire Department
Administration/Fire Marshal

(541) 492-6770

The Fire Marshal will inspect the burn site. If the Fire Marshal approves the burn site, a burn permit will be issued. Burn permits are issued for seven days only, unless specifically noted on burn permit.

Is there a fee for the burn permit?
The cost for a burn permit is $75 dollars. The fee must be paid at the time the permit is issued.