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Public Works Summer Projects
The Public Works Department has an extremely busy construction season scheduled this summer.  As with any street or utility construction, there may be delays or closures in the area.  Please be patient, use caution and pay close attention to flaggers and other construction workers.  Safety of both the workers and the travelling public is of utmost importance in all of our work zones.  Below is a brief synopsis of each project.  If you have any questions about any of the projects, please contact the Public Works Department at 541-492-6730.  The following is a short description of current projects:

Water Projects

Peggy Avenue Water Main Replacement:
This project will replace 550' of water distribution pipe along Peggy Avenue. The project has been awarded and construction will take place spring of 2021.

West Avenue Main Extension:
This project involves design and installation of a new 24-inch water transmission main from West Avenue to the main reservoir complex on reservoir hill.  This project is currently out to bid, with construction expected in 2021

Lincoln Street Water Main Replacement:
This project will be replacing approx. 300' of water main pipe in Lincoln Street between Beulah and Malheur.

Water Treatment Plant Standby Generator:
The City is currently working with a consultant to provide civil and electrical construction drawings for the installation of a permanent standby power generator that the Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir Hill water storage complex.  The project also includes installation of generator switch gears at 5 pump stations within the water system that will allow for portable generators to be used to fill upper level reservoirs during power outages.  This project is scheduled to bid spring of 2021 with construction completion by early 2022.

Washington Ave River Bore Project:
The City has an existing 12" water distribution pipe that is installed inside of the Washington Avenue Bridge.  The pipe is past its useful life and the city has contracted with a consultant to design a bore crossing that will install new 12" pipe under the South Umpqua River between the Oak and Washington Avenue bridges.  This project is scheduled to bid this spring with construction taking place the summer of 2021.

24" Water Transmission Main replacement:
This project will replace approximately 3,000' of 20" water transmission main from Isabell Avenue north to Hooker Road. The project is currently in design and is scheduled to bid this spring with construction taking place during the summer and fall of 2021.

Street Projects

2021 Pavement Management Projects
Pavement rehabilitation work will involve a grind and inlay of between 2 to 3 inches depending on the existing thickness of asphalt and condition of the core samples.  The work for all schedules represents approximately 1 mile of pavement rehabilitation.  The Lincoln Street project will also include sidewalk access ramp improvements.  The two street sections included in this year’s project are:

  • Lincoln St. from Sunset St to Malheur Ave.
  • Stewart Parkway from 500' south of Harvey Ave to Stewart Parkway bridge

A slurry seal is a very thin layer of aggregate with an asphalt emulsifier applied to a paved surface that is primarily as preventative maintenance to prolong the life of a paved surface.  The following streets are scheduled for treatment as part of this year’s slurry seal project, this list is subject to change:

                        Street                                                 Section 

Altamont St. Military Ave. to Brown Ave.
Ann Ave. Nebo St. to Fairhaven St.
Atkinson Ct. Hewitt Rd. to Cul-de-sac
Ballf St. Myrtle Ave. to Brown Ave. 
Brown Ave. Fairhaven St. to Military Ave.
Carmen Ct. Kirby Ave. to end
Channon Ave. Stephens St. to Airport Rd.
Cummins St. Road widens (House #573) to Diamond Lake
Dobie Ct. Kirby Ave. to end
Fairhaven St. Myrtle Ave. to Harvard Ave.
Fairmount St. Garden Valley Blvd. to Stewart Parkway
Fair St. Harvard Ave. to Bradford Ave
Fromdahl Dr. Pilger St. to Military Ave.
Hazel St.  Sherwood Ave. to N. end
Hewitt Ave. Walker Ct. to Kerr St.
Kerr St. 300' N. of Hewitt Ave. to Clover Ave.
Kirby Ave Parker Rd. to end
Le Mans St. Valley View Dr. to end
Miguel St. Diamond Lake Blvd. to Denn Ave
Myrtle Ave. Nebo St. to Ballf St.
Parker St. Newton Creek Rd. to end
Peggy Ave. Parker St. to Cul-de-sac
Shambrook Ave Stephens St. to Winchester St.
Silver Ct. Fromdahl Dr. to Cul-de-sac
Walker Ct. Hewitt Rd. to Cul-de-sac
Wharton St. Harvard Ave. to Myrtle Ave.

Stewart Parkway Bridge Repairs:
This project will replace the concrete end panels at each end of the Stewart Parkway Bridge over the South Umpqua River. Project is scheduled to bid in March and will be constructed summer of 2021.

Storm Drainage Projects

Storm Cast-In-Place-Piping (CIPP) Projects:
2020 Storm Rehabilitation project consists of lining approximately 1000' of large diameter existing storm line. Most of the rehabilitation work will be taking place within the Airport property and along Aviation Drive. This project has been awarded and construction will take place spring 2021

2021 Storm Rehabilitation project consists of lining approximately 800' of large diameter existing storm line.  This project is currently in design and will bid this spring with construction summer of 2021.

Harrison Storm Replacement:
This project will upsize approximately 450' of existing storm line in Harrison Street at its intersection with Harvard Avenue.  Project included 12" diameter storm line, new catch basins and curb inlets and 2 new ADA ramps.  Project will bid in February and construction will take place during the spring of 2021.

Rainbow and Haggerty Storm Pipe Realignment:
The City is currently designing a new storm pipe system that will collect storm water runoff on Haggerty and Rainbow Streets and connect to a new storm pipe to be installed in Harvard Avenue. This project will include the installation of about 750' of storm line, new catch basins and manholes. Project is scheduled to bid this spring with construction taking place summer of 2021.

Parks Projects 

Beulah Park:
The parks division has been awarded a grant to make some exciting improvements to Beulah Park. Beulah Park is one of the City's first parks and has few amenities remaining from its original development in the 1960's. The Beulah Park improvement project will include new play features, site amenities, basketball court improvements and access path liming the new features to a new sidewalk at the street. Construction of this project will begin in March with an anticipated completion in June of 2021.

Airport Projects

Airport Parking Lot:
Project will update the entrance to the airport and provide ADA access into the airport operations building. Project has bid and will be awarded in March with construction taking place spring of 2021.