Below is a brief status update of current Public Works Projects. Please be patient, use caution and pay close attention to flaggers and other construction workers.  Safety of both the workers and the travelling public is of utmost importance in all of our work zones.

If you have any questions about any of the projects, please contact the Public Works Department at 541-492-6730.  

Water Projects

24-Inch Hooker to Isabell Transmission Main Replacement – Complete

The project replaced about 3,000 linear feet of 20-inch transmission main installed in 1934 with new 24-inch ductile iron pipe. The contractor has completed the installation of the 24” pipe, and it was put into service on June 14.

Water Treatment Plant Standby Power

The Water Treatment Plant generator, enclosure and fuel tank were delivered on October 12th. Grading work for the Reservoir Hill generator pad has begun; generator is scheduled to be delivered in February. The 2 towable generators were delivered to the shop on November 2nd. The contractor is still waiting on switchgear for all seven locations. Current information from the supplier indicates switchgear will be available in January.

24-inch Transmission Main Replacement – Isabell to Newton Creek

The City has received a 30% plan set for review. This project was originally schedule to bid in December; this has been pushed out to February 2023.

18-inch Hwy 138 Water Main Replacement – Kester Rd to Sunshine Rd

The City has received a 30% plan set for review. This project is scheduled to bid in January of 2023.

RFP – Five Year Water Distribution Main Replacement Design Contract

The City currently has a Request for Proposals out to bid for a 5-year design engineering contract for water distribution main replacement. The RFP is scheduled to open November 15th. A staff recommendation will be presented to the Commission on January 12, 2023.

Rocky Ridge Reservoir 

Staff is negotiating the scope, schedule and fee with the consultant for this design work.

Transportation Projects

Stephens Street ADA Ramp Replacement - Complete

This project replaced 24 ADA ramps in Stephens Street from Diamond Lake Blvd. the Alameda Avenue.

** Engineering Services were combined with engineering fees in the

grind/inlay portion of the project.

Stephens Street Grind Inlay – 98% Complete

This project work under the original contract is complete, the City add a change order to repair 6 manholes and 2 water valve cans on NE Stephens. This work has yet to be completed.

Mosher Railroad Crossing - Complete

Railroad crossing was replaced the week of August 22nd. Work included installing concrete panels for the mainline, additional concrete panels for pedestrian crossing and repaving of the crossing. Cost to the City, $29,858.

2022 Slurry Seal Project  - Complete

This project applied a slurry seal of aggregate and asphalt emulsifier to approximately 43,000 square yards of road surface on 13 road sections.

2023 Grind/Inlay, SE Pine & Stewart Parkway (Stephens to Airport)

Staff is currently negotiating a scope, fee and schedule with Century West Engineering.

2023 Slurry Seal Project

Staff is creating a list of streets to be slurry or chip sealed next summer. List will be finalized and notifications will go out to abutting property owners in December.

Storm Projects

2023 Storm CIPP Project Vine and Alameda

Contract has been awarded in the amount of $540,750, staff has requested lining will take place spring 2023.This project consists of rehabilitation of approximately 904 linear feet of 42-inch diameter and 483 linear feet of 48-inch diameter storm drain pipe utilizing cured-in-place-pipe.

Calkins/Troost and Rainbow/Haggerty Storm Project

Staff has received 60% construction plans for review; the project is on schedule to bid in January 2023. This project will install approximately 3,250 linear feet of storm line in the Calkins/Troost and Harvard at Rainbow and Haggerty. This project will abandon existing storm facilities that run through private property and in some cases, under residential buildings. The City put in for, received American Rescue Plan Act funding, and will be receiving $1,570,064 towards the design and construction of this project.


Water Treatment Plant Operations Building Painting - Complete

Project was bid in the spring of 2022, contract was awarded to low bidder Heritage Painting for $44,180. Project was completed in October, no change orders on the project.

Fulton Shop Roof Replacement

Roofing materials are scheduled to arrive the end of November. Material delivery delays have push the installation to the spring of 2023. The project will take about 2 months to complete. This project has bid and was awarded to Roseburg Roofing for $356,017.