Waste Prevention in Roseburg

Recycling and composting get a lot of attention – and for good reason!

We love our planet.

And recycling and composting definitely help.

Yet here in Oregon, there’s now an even-higher priority that hasn’t grabbed as many headlines:

Waste Prevention

Waste prevention can be as simple as buying and using less stuff.

The simple yet conscious act of buying and using less can make a big impact – not only on your budget or your business’ budget, but on our community, the state of Oregon, nature and the environment.

That’s because waste prevention reduces environmental impacts across the entire life cycle of materials. By shrinking waste – not making that waste in the first place – we can reduce the amount and cost of extracting resources or raw materials, plus the costs and other impacts from manufacturing, transportation and end-of-life management, such as disposal or recycling.

Waste prevention is dubbed an “upstream” activity because it lowers waste through changes in the design, purchase and use of materials.

So there are choices we can make in addition to, or instead of, recycling: We can choose to reduce, reuse, repurpose and repair. Those choices will help us save natural resources and energy, prevent pollution, fight climate change, protect the environment and sustain our home on this planet for all of us and future inhabitants.

Discover How: Reduce, reuse, repurpose and repair.

Food Waste Prevention for Residents and Businesses

Let’s all work together to keep Roseburg clean and beautiful!