Vendor Questions Answered

I'm new.  How do I meet you?
Just send an email to the City at or give us a call at (541) 492-6866.

What does the City buy?
Almost everything you can image: Construction materials; vehicles and construction equipment, everything needed to keep buildings operating and clean; everything needed to make an office run; consultant services for planning, design and project management; architects, engineers and lawyers.

Who does the City buy from?
Businesses like architects, consulting firms, construction companies, hardware stores, electrical contractors, heating and air conditioning firms, etc.  Also from intergovernmental agencies and through State and Federal cooperative agreements like Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN).

How can I show you my product?
The best way to let us know about your product or service is by sending material by email or regular mail.  It gives us a chance to get your information to the right staff person for their review.  You can give us a call to schedule an appointment to introduce your product or service.

Active participation in community groups such as professional associations, business groups, social clubs and church groups is a good way to connect with other vendors and businesses.