Criteria for Dismissing a Driving Uninsured Ticket

These requirements must be met in order to dismiss the charge of Driving Uninsured in Roseburg Municipal Court.

You must provide an insurance card or a letter from an insurance company, which contains the following:

1. States a description of the vehicle that you were driving at the time of the citation, which must also match what is listed on your citation.
2. States the period of coverage, including the date cited. For example: If you were cited on 08/01/11, the period of coverage might be 07/01/11 to 12/01/11.
3. If you were also cited for Driving While Suspended or No Oregon Driver's License, you must provide a letter from the insurance company that includes an acknowledgement that the policy covers drivers that do not have a valid Oregon license.
4. You or your insurance company may send proof of insurance by electronic media to  It is your responsibility to contact the Court at 541-492-6720 to confirm the charge has been dismissed.

If you have entered a "NOT GUILTY" plea and have a date set for a Bench Trial, you may avoid  the trial date by PROVIDING PROOF OF INSURANCE ON OR BEFORE THE FRIDAY PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED TRIAL DATE.