Police K9 Program
The Roseburg Police Department current has one drug detection canine.  The program has been made possible through donations and grants from local businesses, organizations and individuals.  Former Police Chief Jim Burge and volunteers successfully fundraised and started the program in 2011.  Local volunteers became a non-profit organization named the Friends of Umpqua Valley Police K9 Programs in May 2012 to maintain funding efforts for new canines, equipment, training, kennels, necessities and more.

Axel is pure-bred German Shepherd trained in the German protection sport "Schutzhund." He was discovered by a K9 talent scout while living with a German family. He started working as a patrol dog with the Roseburg Police Department in 2015 and his birthday is December 12, 2012. His favorite toy is his rubber Kong ball and he is willing to do just about anything for it. He loves to work and enjoys playing fetch on his off-time.  Axel retired Friday, February 11, 2022 and is living his retirement days with his former handler Officer Bonebrake.  
Trapper is a purebred Spring Spaniel from Ireland and has spent nearly five years as a drug detection canine for the Roseburg Police Department.  Trapper alerts to the odor of methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin.  He alerts by putting his nose as close as possible to the source of the drug odor.  Trapper's alerts have led to the seizure of well over 100 pounds of drugs and over $100,000 in drug money.  Trapper's alerts have also led to hundreds of arrests.