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Social Gaming License

A social game between players in a private business, private club or place of public accommodation is authorized only when all conditions are met. To review the regulations adopted by City Council, please review Chapter 9.13 in the Roseburg Municipal Code.

Social Gaming License  Application

Before applying for a social gaming license, please review the following conditions:

There shall be no house player, house bank or house odds.

There shall be no house income from the operation of a social game and there shall be no fee paid to, or collected by, the house, a social game organizer or any other person, for the privilege of participating in a social game, including but not limited to, a fee to defray the cost of providing the social game equipment or premises upon which the social game is conducted.

No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed on the premises.

Persons under eighteen years of age shall not be permitted in the room or enclosure wherein social games take place.

A license issued pursuant to this Chapter shall be conspicuously displayed in the room or enclosure wherein social games are played.

The room or enclosure where social games take place shall be open to free and immediate access by any police officer. Doors leading into the social gaming room must remain unlocked during all hours of operation.

Social games shall be played in accordance with the rules set forth in Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games. However, the rules of a social game may deviate from those set forth in Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games if:
1. Such deviations are posted in the room or enclosure in a conspicuous location.
2. All players of a social game agree to the posted rule deviation; and
3. The social game does not, with such modifications, violate federal, state or local law.

Copies of this Chapter of the Roseburg Municipal Code and Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games shall be maintained in the social gaming room or enclosure and shall be subject to inspection by any player upon their request.